What Is the Way to Determine When a Person's House Was Built?


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Homeowners can determine when a house was built by identifying the architectural style, evaluating construction materials and perusing public records. Collecting data on the house, such as old photographs or building permits, can also be useful in determining a home's age.

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Sometimes, homes in a neighborhood or community are built at the same time. Dating nearby homes can help narrow down a construction year.

Step 1: Identify architectural style and building materials

Architectural styles, such as Victorian and Craftsman, were often popular during a specific date range. Additionally, trends in construction materials change as new options become available. For example, handmade construction elements preceded machine-made elements.

Step 2: Research public records

Deed histories, city directories and census records all reveal crucial information to determine when a house was built. Visiting the local city hall or other government building can yield these records.

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