What Does the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife Do?


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Public research and education, administration of fishing and hunting activities, preservation of habitats, restoration of habitats and strategic planning for the sustainable recreational and commercial use of the fisheries and wildlife lands in the state of Washington are some of the activities of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The department's authority covers all of the land and freshwater areas inside of the state's boundaries as well as the Pacific Ocean fisheries on the western coast of Washington.

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The science departments of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife research and publish information on items that specifically impact the state's habitats such as species and ecosystems, species recovery and management, habitat restoration and protection, invasive aquatic species and wildlife health. The department also studies the ongoing effects of climate change on Washington's ecosystems.

The department is responsible for setting the seasons, rules, regulations and limits for all hunting and fishing activities as well as administering the sale of all required licenses and permits. In the field, agents for the department enforce these rules by inspection and license checks for those involved in the outdoor activities.

The department uses the research information it collects along with the data from recreational and commercial harvest to project future plans and promote legislation to help keep the Washington fish and wildlife resources sustainable.

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