How Do You View Walker County, Texas, Inmates?


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Friends and family members can visit Walker County, Texas, inmates by reporting to the jail at the designated day and time of the visitation schedule and following all rules and regulations, states the Walker County Sheriff's Office website. Visitors must wear modest clothing and bring a photo ID.

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Inmates in the Walker County Jail are allowed one visit per week with up to two visitors for 1 hour, as stated on the Walker County Sheriff's Office website. To visit an inmate:

  1. View the visitation schedule
  2. Inmates are allowed visitors on certain days and times, based on their dorm. Visit the Walker County Sheriff's Office website to view the schedule.

  3. Wear modest clothing
  4. Follow the jail's dress code during the day of the visit. Wear modest clothing that covers the shoulders and back.

  5. Bring a picture ID
  6. All visitors must be older than age 16 and are required to bring a picture ID to the visit. Minors younger than age 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardian or parent. Visitors are only allowed to bring in their ID and keys during the visit.

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