How Do You Find Your Voting Precinct?

Many Secretary of State and some county websites have search engines that locate precincts and polling booths. Requirements vary among websites, but many require users to enter at least some of their address information and region of jurisdiction, after which the websites pull up precinct numbers and area voting locations.

As an example, the Missouri Secretary of State website requires the input of a house number, address, jurisdiction and ZIP code in order to locate precincts and voting locations. The Iowa Secretary of State website requires first a ZIP code, and then a house number and street name.

Voting location information may only be available within a certain amount of time before an election. The Missouri Secretary of State website does not reveal polling booth location information before six weeks before an upcoming election.

In addition to precinct search engines, some election websites, such as that of Harris County, Texas, and Shelby County, Tennessee, also have maps showing precinct boundaries within a county or other defined region. The Harris County map uses green lines to designate precinct boundaries, whereas the Shelby County map utilizes blue lines and precinct numerical designations.

Following election cycles, some election websites will report on and archive precinct election results, as in the case of Boone County, Missouri.