How Do You Find Voting Locations by ZIP Code?

It is not possible to find voting locations with only a ZIP code; however, allows users to find voting locations using a street address, city, state and ZIP code. As a single ZIP code may contain multiple electoral districts, it is not sufficient to properly identify the correct polling location. If is unable to locate a poll location for a given address, it will link to the state's locator.

Another way to identify the polling location for a specific address is to use the relevant state's online locator. To find the correct website, visit the United States Election Assistance Commission website,, select Resources for Voters, then select Register & Vote in Your State. On this page choose the desired state and follow the provided link to the state's elections office website. Most of these websites include a tool to look up a polling location by street address. Many of these tools, as well as, will also provide information on the ballot for that location.

Alternatively, contact the state or local elections office and inquire about the polling location for a specific address.

A voter registration card, which is issued upon registering to vote or updating a registration, typically includes the polling location for the individual the card is issued to.