Where Are the Voting Districts in Arizona?

Where Are the Voting Districts in Arizona?

There were 2,224 voting districts in Arizona, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. The amount of voting districts changes over time as a region's population shifts.

The United States Census Bureau assigns the generic term "voting district" to an assortment of geographic bodies – often locally called "precincts" or "wards" – created by state and local governments for the purpose of holding elections. Voting district data and maps are available on the Census Bureau's website.

State and local governments determine the location, size and boundary of a voting district based on population level and density. Since population numbers are not static, neither is the number of voting districts.

Voting districts are generally organized by county, and each county can have dozens or even hundreds of voting districts, depending on population size and density. For example, in a sparsely populated Arizona county such as Apache, the 2010 census lists 45 voting districts. For contrast, Maricopa County had over 1,000 voting districts.

To locate voting districts in a specific county, visit the Arizona Voting District/State Legislative District Reference Maps page on the United States Census Bureau's website. Counties are organized into a row of alphabetically-ordered buttons. Locate and click the button bearing the first letter of the desired county. This will load a page with links to view individual maps for the selected county. Contact the local county recorder or elections department for further information regarding voting districts.