How Do You Vote Early in North Carolina?


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North Carolina voters may vote early by absentee voting. There are three methods of absentee voting: by mail, in-person or from overseas. All registered voters may request absentee ballots. Requests may come from voters, close relatives or legal guardians and be received by specified dates.

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Any registered voter may request to vote by mail for any election with no special circumstances required. To vote by mail, a registered voter, relative or legal guardian must submit a completed State Absentee Ballot request Form no later than the last Tuesday before the election. The voter must complete the ballot in the presence of two witnesses or one notary public who must complete a certificate that the voter must return with the ballot. The Board of Elections must receive completed ballots and certificates no later than 5 p.m. on the day of election.

Absent uniformed members of the armed services, their spouses and eligible dependents, and U.S. citizens living abroad are eligible to vote under federal and state laws. They must satisfy the resident and registration requirements and submit their applications and ballots according to special rules under the applicable federal or state law.

In person, or “one stop,” absentee voting allows registered voters to vote by absentee ballot at their county board of elections office or a designated alternative location. One-stop absentee voting begins on the second Thursday before the election and ends at 1:00 p.m. on the last Saturday before the election.

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