What Are the Visiting Rules at Angola State Penitentiary?

Visiting rules at Angola State Penitentiary in Angola, Louisiana address subjects including but not limited to visitor attire, identification, interaction with prisoners and visiting with minors. The prison staff may terminate a visit at any time if it is in the best interest of the facility or the parties participating in visitation.

Among the items prohibited by the Louisiana State Penitentiary are controlled substances, weapons, electronic devices, alcohol and audio/video recording devices. All visitors who enter the Louisiana State Penitentiary are subject to searches of their person, automobile,or property. Visitors also enter the facility's metal detector and ion scanning equipment.

Visitors may not have excessive contact with offenders during the visit. Visitors and offenders are permitted one hug and one kiss during initial contact and at the end of the visit. Any excessive physical contact or sexual misconduct during the meeting results in immediate termination of the visit.

Offenders with children can visit with their children; however, those with sexual misconduct charges against a minor are not allowed to visit with any minors. Some exceptions are granted with official approval.

The visiting guidelines for the Angola State Penitentiary are available at www.doc.la.gov. Information is available by selecting the Quicklinks tab.