What Are the Visitation Rules for Volusia County Inmates?

What Are the Visitation Rules for Volusia County Inmates?

A restriction on the number of visitors allowed at one time and a strict dress code are a few of the visitation rules in place for Volusia County, Florida inmates. The administration also requires scheduled appointments and proper conduct at all times, explains the Volusia County website.

Officials restrict visitation during the initial three days of incarceration, according to the Volusia County website. During this period, inmates often attend multiple court dates. An operations supervisor must grant permission before visits occur within this time.

All adult visitors need a valid form of identification to visit. Minor visitors must present an identification card, birth certificate or legal document, as explained on the jail visitation Web page. Minors cannot visit without adult accompaniment.

Visitors must abide by the facility dress code, as listed on the Volusia County website. The jail administration prohibits miniskirts and extremely short shorts. It also forbids visitors to wear strapless tops, muscle shirts and spandex. Individuals who disobey the dress code may not enter the visitation area.

Volusia County allows each inmate to receive one visit per day, with a maximum of two visitors, explains the county website. Within the first week of incarceration, inmates complete a visitation card, listing five possible visitors. Before visiting, a person's name must appear on the inmate's visitation card.