What Are Some Violent Murders?


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Some violent murders in history are Jack the Ripper's murders in 1888 London, Al Capone's St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago and the Hollywood murders in the late 1960s for which Charles Manson was held responsible. There were five murders attributed to Jack the Ripper, and they occurred between August 7 and November 10, 1888. All of the victims were prostitutes who each had their throats cut and bodies mutilated in comparable ways.

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What Are Some Violent Murders?
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Jack the Ripper mailed a kidney from one victim to the police, as well as notes, but the murderer was never identified or caught.

Although less gruesome, the Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929 is another violent murder from history. It was the culmination of a long feud between Chicago's rival gangs and involved the firing of 70 rounds of ammunition, killing seven men. Al Capone himself was never officially blamed but was assumed to be behind the murders.

Charles Manson was also never directly involved in the Hollywood murders at Roman Polanski's home in Beverly Hills; however, he was convicted for ordering others to carry out the attack. Among the most violent of their murders was that of Sharon Tate, who was stabbed to death despite being pregnant and pleading with her female killer.

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