How Has the VFW Emblem Evolved Over Time?


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The VFW emblem or logo still displays the seal of the United States that is encircled by the name of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, but the meaning behind the image has evolved over time. The background image of the cross, the seal and the sun's rays symbolizes the character and oaths of military service members, but the cross originally was used by the Knights Hospitaller, known for traveling far distances in the Middle Ages to fight for their faith.

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The eight points on the cross symbolized obligations of the knights in the Middle Ages, representing the eight beatitudes of the Venerable Order of St. John. The meaning evolved into a secular meaning in later years by the St. John Ambulance, which points to each point on the cross as traits of those who serve others.

In modern times, the emblem or logo of the VFW symbolizes brotherhood of veterans who have fought in foreign wars. The seal represents justice, freedom and democracy that is central to the core tenants of the members of the organization. The emblem also represents a commitment to community service in order to promote civic pride, which is one of the key purposes of the organization.

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