What Does Each Veterans of Foreign Wars "Legacy Life Membership" Level Entail?

What Does Each Veterans of Foreign Wars "Legacy Life Membership" Level Entail?

Although many of the rewards are the same regardless of whether one purchases a Bronze, Silver or Gold "Legacy Life Membership" in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, only Gold level members are rewarded with a hat patch and personalized brick at Centennial Plaza. Gold level members are also rewarded with 15 percent discounts on purchases from the Veterans of Foreign Wars store and $5000 accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. Silver level members receive 10 percent discounts and $3500 AD&D insurance, while Bronze level members receive 5 percent discounts and $2000 AD&D insurance.

Members should note that store discounts are for personal use only.

Veterans of Foreign Wars also makes an annual endowment to members' Posts, Departments and organizations. For Gold level members, this endowment is $18, while for Silver level members it is $12 and for Bronze level members it is $6. These figures are made out as an endowment in members' names.

Rewards received by Gold, Silver and Bronze level members are as follows:

  • Plated engraved member card
  • Lapel pin
  • Hat pin
  • Exclusive Veterans of Foreign Wars store line
  • Framed membership certificate
  • Recognition on the Internet and convention programs
  • Recognition in kiosks at the Memorial Building, Washington, D.C. and the museum at the national headquarters
  • Membership plaque

Gold level membership costs $1200, Silver costs $800 and Bronze costs $400 as of March 2015.