What Are Veterans' Benefits?


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Veterans of the United States Armed Forces receive many benefits, including pensions, help with loan management, rehabilitation and employment assistance, education, life insurance and many specialty services, including certain forms of medical attention. Benefits differ depending on a number of factors including rank at the time of discharge and length of service.

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What Are Veterans' Benefits?
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The United States Department of Veteran Affairs offers veterans many services and benefits, including funding for prosthetic limbs necessitated by injuries sustained in combat. The department also helps to cover the cost of rehabilitation therapy and other medical, psychiatric and psychological necessities that can help ease the transition between military and civilian life.

The department deals with loan assistance and direct loans. This service is meant to help veterans buy homes, start businesses and otherwise participate in the modern economy. Its goal is to help them achieve stability with the assistance of low-interest loans that give them increased agency in life.

Many veteran benefits packages include life insurance. This helps to secure the future of a veteran's family against the eventuality of their premature death or long, expensive illness. Life insurance is available through the Department of Veteran Affairs, which subcontracts through a number of providers to tailor its options to individual veterans and their needs.

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