How Do You Verify Telephone Numbers?


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As of May 2015, you can verify phone numbers on several websites, such as Phone-Validator.net, PhoneValidator.com and VerifyPhone.com. On Phone-Validator.net, users can also validate addresses and emails.

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To validate a number at Phone-Validator.net, input a phone number its country, and then click the Validate button. If the number is valid, a green tick and the message "VALID_CONFIRMED" appears. The website also provides details such as the location, country and line type.

PhoneValidator.com only verifies U.S. phone numbers. Enter the phone number and the verification code on the page, and click Search. If the number is valid, PhoneValidator.com displays the phone line type, phone company, phone location and other details.

To verify a number at VerifyPhone.com, you must enter the phone number in the field provided and click Verify. If the number is valid, VerifyPhone.com provides the phone location, service provider and phone type.

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