How Do You Verify Someone's Birth Record Without Paying a Fee?

To verify someone's birth record for free, take a close look at the birth certificate or record itself. Contact the state or county record office that issued the certificate and verify the information, including the seals or markings on the official document.

When checking the birth certificate, look for any inaccuracies or missing information. The certificate has the full name of the person, the gender, the birth date, the place of birth and the name of the birth parents. Closely inspect the certificate to see if there are any telltale signs of altering the information presented on the document. Some signs of alteration are a change in line weight or font type, a change in the appearance of the finish of the document due to added ink or stamping, and the misspelling of the name of the state, hospital, names or other information.

Some possible information on a birth record includes the name of the doctor who delivered the baby and the name of the hospital. Utilize free public record to verify most of this information. Another option is to check the local newspaper for birth announcements for parent names or hospital information. Call the hospital records office to check the name of the doctor or any other possible information.