How Do You Verify a Physician's License Number?

The medical boards of most states provide license verification tools that allow verification of license status by license number or by the physician's full name. The American Medical Association offers an online physician locator that provides professional information about virtually all physicians in the United States.

To search and verify a physician's license number, visit your state's medical board or professional licensing agency. To locate your state's medical board, visit, and click Becoming a Physician under Education on the primary menu. Click Medical Licensure on the left sidebar category, and then choose State Medical Boards.

In the state of California, for example, the license verification tool is located on On the site's homepage, click Verify a License, and choose a license type. The search allows online users to search physicians by name, by license number, by city and by county. Click search by license number, and enter the numeric portion of the license number into the search box. Click search to check, and verify the status of a physician's license.

AMA also provides information on over 800,000 physicians in the United States. To use the organization's verification tool, visit, and click Patients on the top menu. Under Featured Resources, click

DoctorFinder and, if applicable, complete the Usage Verification for authentication.

On the DoctorFinder app, click for Patients and the hyperlinked DoctorFinder text on the next page. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Provide the necessary information into the required fields and click Quick Search. The DoctorFinder app indicates if the physician is an AMA member and also includes information, such as the physician's major professional activity, place of residency and primary specialty.