How Are VA Disability Benefits Determined?


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VA disability benefits are determined by an evaluation of how disabled a veteran is. The VA rates disability levels on a scale of zero percent disabled to 100 percent disabled, using increments of 10 percent. Veterans that have multiple disabilities can be rated using the Combined Ratings Table.

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The Combined Ratings Table used for veterans with multiple disabilities first looks at the disabilities in order of severity. The disability that is considered the most severe is used first, followed by any additional disabilities ranked from greatest to least severe. An example given by the VA uses three disabilities with ratings of 60 percent, 40 percent and 20 percent. Using the Combined Ratings Table the veteran would be rated at 76 percent disabled, which would then be rounded up to 80 percent. Therefore the veteran's disability payment would be the amount associated with 80 percent disabled.

Veterans may also be paid additional funds along with the standard VA disability rates in certain circumstances. These circumstances can include if there is a severe disability or loss of limbs, if there is a seriously disabled spouse or if the veteran has a spouse, child or dependent parents. The VA may also periodically make cost of living adjustments.

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