What Is the USS Ranger Crew List?


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The USS Ranger crew list is a generic term used to refer to any official document that lists personnel assigned to that U.S. Navy ship. The United States government does not make all crew lists publicly available, but some may be purchased from the National Archives.

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Naval deck logs and muster rolls can provide a complete crew list for any navy ship, but they are only available through the National Archives 30 years after being submitted to Navy command. As of 2015, the National Archives store these documents on microfilm, making it necessary for the public submit an application and pay a fee for the retrieval of the data, should it be available.

A number of third-party websites exist for the purpose of allowing Navy sailors to reconnect with their crew members due to the difficulty of finding complete, accurate information about the crew membership of U.S. Navy ships. As of 2015, Navybuddies.com contains 1496 crew listings for the USS Ranger, as well as a comprehensive list of the ship's commanding officers between the years of 1957 and 1993.

Navybuddies.com also provides a detailed history of USS Ranger, with a list of significant historical events that the aircraft carrier participated in. The website also provides a list of major accidents that the ship suffered during its commission.

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