What Are Some Facts About the USS New Jersey Battleship?


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The battleship USS New Jersey was the second ship with the name and was launched in December 1942 out of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and commissioned the following year. The battleship served in World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars, and several other military operations and is the most decorated battleship in the United States.

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The USS New Jersey went into battle in WW II during the assault on the Marshall Islands in 1944. The New Jersey became a flagship in February of 1944 and served the military in battles in areas such as the Carolines, Mili, Palau and Saipan and protected American planes against Japanese attacks in the Battle of the Philippines Sea. The battleship was later involved in the battles at Okinawa, launching seaplanes to rescue U.S. pilots who were shot down and bombarding beaches to prepare them for landing. The USS New Jersey carried nearly a thousand U.S. soldiers back home at the end of the war.

The battleship USS New Jersey served in the Korean War starting in 1951 and did two tours in Korean waters. During the war, the ship continued her role of protecting ground troops with cover fire, carrying and dumping munitions and targeting enemy encampments. The New Jersey was outfitted with new weaponry and began her Vietnam War service in 1968 as the only battleship, providing support to U.S. troops and destroying enemy positions in the Demilitarized Zone. After service during conflicts in the Persian Gulf, the military decommissioned the USS New Jersey in 1991.

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