How Do You Use a Voting Machine?

To use an electronic voting machine as of 2015, push the touch-screen button, external button or dial corresponding to a specific candidate or ballot question. Directions for voting machines depend on state procedures and the specific model and type of the machine.

Electronic voting machines use instructions and prompts to guide voters through each choice. The results of the ballot automatically save to a memory disk. For example, an electronic voting machine in Tennessee requires voters to choose a language, input an access code and use a dial to highlight and select each choice. This machine automatically moves to the next race after each selection. A final review screen allows voters to revisit ballot questions and make changes before submitting the final vote.

To use a voting machine with an optical scan ballot, voters fill in the oval next to the corresponding candidate for each race and then place the ballot in a security sleeve, if available. Either the voter or an election worker places the ballot in the machine to scan. For example, an optical voting machine in Kansas requires each voter to place the ballot and envelope into the machine. It then reads the ballot and stores an electronic record of it.