How Do You Use Vinelink 2.0?

To use Vinelink 2.0, visit the official website, click on the state you wish to search, and click on the Search & Register tab. From there, enter the requested information, and click Search at the bottom of the page. To register for notification of changes, click the offender's name.

After you click on the state you wish to search, read the information provided on the page you are redirected to. This information may include helpful phone numbers for victim services organizations and re-registration information for notification of changes in the incarceration status of the one charged or convicted. Vinelink should not be used as your only plan of safety but as an important part of your plan; thus, it is important to read all the information provided on the website and to take note of important phone numbers.

If the information you provide during your search provides no results, try using partial spellings of the person's first and last name. Doing so provides you with broader search results, assisting you in finding an inmate who may have been booked using his or her initials or under a misspelled name. It is important to provide as much of the requested information as you can in the other fields.