How Do You Use a VA Benefits Eligibility Chart?


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Use a Veterans Administration benefits eligibility chart by finding your service status, service period, the dates associated with that period and the minimum amount of active duty service necessary for benefit eligibility. Eligibility charts are only necessary for certain supplemental VA benefits, such a home loans, while VA medical benefits use a standard set of eligibility requirements for all veterans.

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Step one in using a VA benefits chart is finding your service status, whether you are a veteran, active duty servicemember, National Guard member or reservist. Secondly, find your war or peacetime service period and the amount of active duty service required for that period. For example, if you are a Vietnam veteran, active duty servicemember or reservist who served in the Gulf War, you need 90 days of continuous active duty service to meet eligibility requirements for a VA home loan. However, if you are a reservist or National Guard member who did not see active duty in the Gulf War, you require six years of service for eligibility.

If you want to determine if you are eligible for VA medical benefits, you do not have to use the eligibility chart. Receiving VA health care benefits requires either 24 months of active service or a full tour of active duty during war time. In addition to the service requirement, veterans who want VA medical benefits cannot receive a dishonorable discharge from their branch of the military.

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