How Do You Use Union Supply to Send a Package to an Inmate?

Individuals can use Union Supply to send packages to inmates by browsing the online catalog and then ordering online or by phone, fax or mail. To access the catalog and order products, shoppers must enter the state, the inmate's identification number and the name of the correctional facility.

All the items in the Union Supply catalog are pre-approved for the facility to which the shopper is sending the package. If some items are not available, Union Supply can substitute other items of comparable or greater value, but only with the approval of the shopper. Some brands may not be available because they do not meet the standards of the correctional facility. If the facility refuses the package due to a Union Supply error, Union Supply corrects the mistake and resends the package without charge. If items are defective or broken upon arrival, Union Supply replaces or repairs them.

Union Supply accepts Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card payments and places a hold on the amount of the order until the package ships. Union Supply also accepts payment by money order, personal check or institution check. To pay with cash, shoppers select the cash payment option when they check out of the online store, print out the order summary form, use the store locator link to find a nearby ACE Cash Express site and pay cash in person at the ACE Cash Express store.