How Do You Use a Sample No Trespassing Letter to Send to a Neighbor?

Use a sample no trespassing letter that indicates the local statute the neighbor is violating by sending the letter to the neighbor via certified mail, My Security Sign advises. If a sample letter does not include the local code being violated, look up the code, and incorporate that information into the letter.

The official regulation that outlines the laws for no trespassing usually describes what is meant by the term trespassing and the actions that the letter's recipient must take to comply with the law, My Security Sign notes. The letter should also outline any potential consequences if there are further infractions of trespassing. Generally, those consequences include notifying law enforcement and pressing charges.

The letter should be dated and signed from someone who has proper authority over the property, My Security Sign says. This is usually the property owner, manager or security guard. Letters should be sent by certified mail so the sender has a record of sending the letter and proof the recipient received it. If the case is more serious, the letter writer may consider sending a copy to the local police department. If so, the letter should make reference that the copy is being sent to local authorities.