How Do You Use a Free Reverse Directory?


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Online users can use a complete phone number or an address to perform a free online reverse search for an individual or a business by using reverse phone and reverse address lookup services. Reverse lookup services are offered by many online directories such as White Pages, Intelius and 411.com.

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How Do You Use a Free Reverse Directory?
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Directory results display a list of possible matches beginning with the closest possible one. Making a selection from the listing generates more information on the individual or business, including the complete address and name, as well as any listed landline associated with the person or location. A map of the location area displays, as well as an option to get directions. Selecting a residential listing generates personal details such as the person's approximate age, known relatives and other individuals he may be associated with.

Cellphone numbers are not displayed in free search results; however most directories offer advanced search services through third parties for a fee. Other advanced search options include background checks, criminal records and traffic offences. Additionally, users can pay for details included in a person's online social profile such as Facebook, as well as address history, date of birth, email and public records such as birth, marriage, divorce and property records.

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