How Do You Use an Online No-Cost People Finder?


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Some free online services that can be used to find people include Google, Facebook and Zabasearch. Using the search functions of these sites and entering as much information as possible about the person, it’s often possible to locate an individual online.

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A Google search is often the easiest way to locate an individual, especially if you have specific information about him. By entering the person’s name into the search box along with any other defining phrases, such as occupation, business name, other associated organizations or city and state of residence, you may be able to find further information online. It’s also possible to use Google to search for a person by phone number.

Facebook is another free tool that can be used to find an individual. By simply searching for the person’s name in the site’s search box, you may be able to locate him immediately. Facebook allows you to see how many mutual friends you share with another user, so if you share any common contacts, it’s a safe bet that you’ve found the person you’re looking for. Facebook also allows you to add in other search parameters, including company, location, high school or college.

Zabasearch is a more in-depth search tool that uses public records to search for people. After entering a person’s name or phone number along with a state (if applicable), Zabasearch shows you everything in the public record about the individual. The sites strives to stay up to date, but its records are based on what’s publicly available and therefore not always accurate.

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