How Do You Use Offender Connect to Speak to Inmates?


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To use offender connect to speak to inmates, the caller needs to be on the inmate-approved call list. With funds placed on the offender's phone account, the offender can make calls to family members and friends who are on the approved call list; the Offender Connects service does not allow incoming calls, but family members and friends can add money to offender's phone account. It is a prepaid phone service exclusively available to inmates' close friends and family members, notes Virginia.gov.

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To deposit funds into offender phone account, log into the Offender Connect portal and establish a deposit account using the offender's ID number. The expense of a call is deducted from offender's phone account once an inmate makes a call to anyone listed on the approved list.

Offender Connect is a fast, reliable service provided as a privilege and responsibility of the inmate. However, it does not allow the inmate to make international calls and does not have call forwarding or answering services. Additionally, the maximum number of people on an offender-approved call list is 15 as of 2015, states Virginia.gov. Calls have a limit of 20 minutes to allow other inmates to use the service. The prison administration monitors and records all calls from inmates for security reasons.

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