How Do You Use a Military Ribbon Checker?


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A military ribbon checker allows a service member to see what ribbons or medals he or she is entitled to wear, and it is also a handy way for civilians to see what ribbons or medals signify certain actions and honors. Some ribbon checkers also list the correct order of precedence for ribbons and medals so that servicemen and women can be confident that their insignias are displayed correctly.

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To use the ribbon checker at UniformRibbons.com, simply scroll through the list of medals and ribbons, checking the box to indicate whether or not each award is applicable to you. For example, you might leave the box for the Medal of Honor checked as No but be able to check Yes for the Navy Cross, Distinguished Navy Service ribbon, the Navy Marine Corps Commendation, Antarctica Service and Humanitarian Service. With each of these boxes indicated, you can also designate any associated device, such as the number of stars for each. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Submit button. A graphic appears showing the two rows of designated ribbons in order of precedence.

Many ribbon checker websites feature each branch of the U.S. armed forces, but specific checkers have also been created for each branch.

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