How Do You Use InfoSpace People Search?


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It is possible to do a people search on infosearch using different personal information about a person. Type a person's name, telephone number or town of residence in the search box.

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When making a search for someone, start with the person’s name. Depending on whether the person has a personal page or belongs to a social media site, a search using the person’s name can land directly at their home page. This kind of search also brings up results for people with similar names or links to the person under search.

To fine-tune the search, add any other information about the person. This includes their hometown, date of birth, official title, telephone number or spouse’s name. Not all of the above yields results.

The best data to use to do a people search is the telephone number of the person. Provided they have not changed telephone numbers, the possibility of finding them in a people search is very high. This is because most of the information that is found on people search database comes from the public records of telephone companies. When people get a telephone number, it is registered in their name. Most often, people agree to add their names to telephone companies. This consent automatically means that telephone number and the personal data of the person that owns the number is in the public domain.

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