How Do You Use the Generic Application Form IMM 0008 to Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada?

To use the Generic Application Form for Canada, or IMM 0008, to apply for permanent residence, electronically fill out the application, or download and print the application from the Canadian government's website, fill it out along with form IMM 5669, the Background and Declaration form, and submit it to the proper branch of government. The Canadian government requires all individuals applying for permanent residence to fill out this form, notes the Government of Canada.

The principal applicant for permanent residence must fill out form IMM 0008, according to the Government of Canada. The government provides directions on its website to help applications finish the application. An applicant can start filling out an application electronically, save the information and finish filling it out later. The Canadian government requires that the principal applicant, her spouse and dependents to fill out form IMM 5669.

Once the applicant finishes and submits form IMM 0008 electronically, he must consent and make a declaration by clicking the Validate button, which generates a barcode, states the Government of Canada. The applicant must then print the application, review the information, sign and date in the appropriate spots, place the barcode on the top of the application and submit the application to the proper branch of government.

There are 12 questions on form 5669 that ask about the applicant's personal information, such as name and date of birth, education, mother and father's personal details, previous government positions held and any involvement in any organizations, explains the Government of Canada.