How Do You Use the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator?

use-federal-bureau-prisons-inmate-locator Credit: meepoohfoto/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Use the Federal Bureau of Prisons' inmate locator by visiting the bureau's official website and providing the required information on the BOP Find an Inmate tool. The BOP allows inmate searches by number or by name.

To access the BOP inmate locator, navigate to the BOP homepage and hover the mouse over Inmates on the top menu. Click Find an Inmate on the dropdown menu. If searching an inmate by number, you may enter the inmate's BOP register, FBI, DCDC or INS number. If using the Find by Name search tool, enter the first name and last name for a quick search. Include the middle initial of the inmate for a more accurate search. You may also include the inmate's race, age and gender to narrow down the list. A successful search result shows an inmate's full name, BOP register number, age, release date and location.

Anyone who has been in custody of the BOP may be searched in the database. This includes individuals who are detained before trial but whose criminal charges were dismissed, people held due to civil contempt and those who are held as material witnesses. The site only holds record of federal inmates.

The BOP contains information about current and released federal inmates after 1982. Any inmate who was detained in a BOP facility before 1982 may be found and be requested on the National Archives Records Administration.