How Do You Use the Dex Online Phone Book?

Use the dexknows online directory service by navigating to the site's homepage. Once you have entered basic information, you are able to conduct four different kinds of searches. allows users to search for businesses and people, and it also allows users to conduct reverse phone and reverse address searches.

To conduct a search for people or businesses, first choose a search category. The site then provides search fields in the center of the page, which require you to enter a name and location. After entering this information, click Search – the blue button located on the right side of the search fields. This directs you to a page listing possible matches and organizes them by relevance. Each match has a short description that includes approximate age, name and address.

To view more extensive details, you have the option to view a full profile. This section provides phone numbers, other people living at the address and a map of the address's location.

To conduct a reverse address or phone search, first choose a search category. Enter the address or phone number into the search field. Click the blue Search button. The results page lists all relevant information associated with the provided address or phone number.