How Do You Use Your Case Number to Check Your Court Appearance Date?

A case number may be used to check court appearance dates based on the court calendar or through a case access system supplied by some courts in the United States, according to the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara. Information about court appearances may vary from state to state.

Every case handled by municipal, traffic, civil or criminal courts is assigned a unique case number that may be used to identify the correct court-appearance date. Case information may not be available online in some cities or counties but may be obtained from the courthouse clerk, according to the Superior Court of California. The rules governing case appearances change from state to state. For example, the Municipal Court of Moulton, Texas requires defendants and plaintiffs to appear in court on the date listed in the case file or citation.

A court calendar also provides additional information about a case, including the names of the defendants, plaintiffs, the presiding judge and the location of the hearing. Some court hearings may be deemed confidential and are not listed on the court calendar, according to the Minnesota Judicial Branch. Most courts in the United States require attorneys, defendants and plaintiffs to be present in court on the scheduled date irrespective of whether or not their case number appears on the court calendar.