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American Institute of Architects contract forms help define terms and relationship in construction and design projects. For instance, A521-2012 provides guidance to individuals preparing construction and bidding contract documents. This form assists users to determine the right place to put relevant information on the contract document. The placing of such information is relevant because the information features construction contracts, supplementary and general terms and conditions, general requirements, and division 01 to 49 specifications, says AIA.

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B106-2010 provides guidance on the agreement between an architect and the owner of the building on design and construction contract administration, especially on pro bono basis. This guide gives the owner an understanding of the maximum number of hours an architect can operate pro bono, and why the architect is not entitled to any financial compensation except in cases of reimbursable expenses, according to AIA.

D101-1995 offers guidance on how to agree on methods for calculating the architectural area, assignable area and architectural volume of the building because there exists no standard way to calculate these features, states AIA.

The C612-2001 guideline is a questionnaire the architect uses to get information from the owner concerning their construction contract. The questionnaire has three parts: Part A features the contracts, Part B includes insurance and bonds, and Part C provides information on bidding procedures, recounts AIA.

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