How Do I Use 411 White Pages to Look up a Person in BC?

To look up a person in British Columbia using 411 White Pages, enter the person's name, address or phone number into the corresponding search field. Only individuals who are registered with BC White Pages appear in the database. offers address and phone listings for people in cities across Canada. On the front page of the website, users may search for a name within a specified city. If the individual's location is not known, a name search returns a list of matching names in the full database. Additionally, users may opt to reverse search for a person using a known address or phone number. The advanced search offered on Canada 411 allows users to search with information including first and last name, street address, city and postal code.

Canada 411 users may also browse the directory for popular names. Select a city in British Columbia to view all registered residents of that city, organized by last name. Select a last name to view all search results for people with that name. For example, the last name Baker returns 155 matches in the city of Vancouver, B.C. as of July 2015. Since registered users decide how much information they make available on their profiles, results may include only a first initial and a phone number, or they may include a full name and a detailed address.