How Do You Use 411 Reverse Phone Directory?

To reverse look up a phone number on, select the Phone option at the home page, enter the phone number into the field provided, and click Search. If the phone number is valid, a page displaying details such as the carrier of the line and the state of the possible owner appears.

At, you can also run a lookup using the name of a person or business and the current state, city or ZIP code. If you desire, you can search directly using an address. Apart from, reverse phone lookup is available on sites such as,, and, as of September 2015. The lookup procedure for these sites is similar to that of

SpyDialer's lookup service works with both cellphones and landlines. SpyDialer also offers photo lookup. At AnyWho, you can do a direct search through Yellowpages and Whitepages. offers email lookup. However, to view any search results, regardless of the type of lookup, you must first submit your name and email address. If you sign up as a premium PeopleSmart member, you get access to more information, such as work information and court records, after running a lookup. You also get alerts whenever information regarding your saved searches changes.