How Do You Use to Locate People?

To use to locate people, access the website, and type the last name of the person being searched for in the relevant box under People. Browse through the list of people displayed on the results page to locate the individual you are searching for.

After accessing the website, click on People, the first tab located at the center of the page. In the box given, enter the last name of the person being search for, as a minimum. If available, also enter the first name of the person and the corresponding city, state and ZIP code to get more accurate search results.

Then, click on Search. This opens the result page that provides the age, associations and address of all the individuals with that name, if available. To know the contact information of the individuals listed on this page in detail, click on Address and/or Phone, depending on which information is available.

To know further details about the person, click on View Full Profile. This opens a page that provides a map indicating the exact geographical location of the person. Use the map to get directions to reach the individual and to find out about his neighbors.

Use the names of the known associations of the individual to perform a people search on in a similar manner to locate the individual.