What Are the United States Visa Requirements?


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United States visa requirements may include photo identification, scheduling an in-person interview and paying a processing fee. Depending on the type of visa a person is applying for the requirements may change, according to the United States Department of State.

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The two types of visas are nonimmigrant and immigrant. They require different forms of identification and information. A nonimmigrant visa for people visiting the United States for pleasure, temporary business or tourism requires the applicant to state the purpose of the visit, the amount of time the visit will be and any possible transactions that will take place on the visit, notes the United States Department of State.

Many of the necessary forms for a United States visa are online and can receive approval as long as the applicant pays the processing fee of $160 online. Applicants between the age of 14 and 79 are subject to an in-person interview discussing the reasons for the visit. Applicants must have a passport, an application fee payment receipt and a photo before the interview. Some applicants may require additional documentation proving the reason for the trip as well as the ability to pay the costs of the trip, explains the United States Department of State.

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