What Are Some Unique Labor Laws in California?


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Some of the unique labor laws in California include the minimum wage for the state, as well as the laws regarding how overtime is paid. According to law firm Fox Rothschild, California has a minimum wage that is one of the highest in the country. The state also requires that overtime be paid at time and a half for any hours over 40 that are worked in a week but also any hours over eight worked in a day.

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Fox Rothschild also states that California labor laws outline the specific information that can be included on an employee's paycheck. An example of this would be that only the last four digit's of an employee's Social Security number can be included; including the entire number is considered illegal. The law also requires that paychecks include the name and address of a business where employees can cash their paychecks on demand without a discount.

California labor law also requires that employees who resign from a job with more than 72 hours notice be paid their final wages on their last day of employment, according to Fox Rothschild. Those that do not give more than 72 hours notice must be paid within 72 hours of when the notice is given. Employees who are laid off or involuntarily terminated must be paid immediately upon their termination. These requirements includes all wages earned as well as any accrued but unused vacation time.

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