Under what situations would you be exempt from Obamacare?


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Exemptions exist for ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act, if a person belongs to a certain group, experiences a hardship, has an income below a certain level, is in prison, lives abroad or falls under certain residency categories, as of 2015. Claims for exemptions require approval in most circumstances.

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Eligibility for an exemption applies to recognized Native Americans and those who receive care from Indian Health Services or people with recognized religious objections to health care or health insurance. Americans with a projected insurance payment value that is at least 8 percent of their income also qualify for exemption from the ACA. An income lower than the minimum income to file a tax return is an automatic exemption from health insurance and any penalty. People who experience homelessness, domestic violence, bankruptcy, eviction, expenses in caring for a family member or a death in the immediate family qualify for an exemption from the IRS.

Individuals who qualify for Medicare expansion coverage are also not liable in a state that refuses to expand Medicare. Small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees do not have to cover employee health care or pay a penalty. The Individual or Employer Shared Responsibility Provision requires nonexempt entities to hold minimum health coverage or pay a penalty.

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