What Are the Unclaimed Cash Laws in Ohio?


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Ohio law stipulates that holders must turn in unclaimed cash to the Division of Unclaimed Funds if it has been inactive for a period of time, reports the Ohio Department of Commerce. After locating lost funds in the database, those with proprietary interest can request claim forms and prove ownership.

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Holders of unclaimed money in accounts must turn in the funds within three to five years, depending on the specific type of account, explains the Ohio Department of Commerce. They can only hold payroll checks for one year before turning them in. Banks turn in the contents of safety deposit boxes within the time specified on the contract with the owner, and the Division of Unclaimed Funds holds currency and coins and converts other items such as stocks and insurance certificates to cash. The office holds unclaimed cash indefinitely until owners or heirs claim it.

Anyone can use the Treasure Hunt search engine to look for unclaimed cash, but only owners, heirs, family members or friends can obtain claim forms, according to the Ohio Department of Commerce. The Division of Unclaimed Funds requires specific documentation for each claim, including personal identification, proof of Social Security number and proof of address. If the original owners have died, claimants must show proof of death and that they have the right to the funds. Professional finders must register with the state and have an official agreement with the owners of the cash before the state of Ohio issues them a claim form.

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