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As of 2015, some of the general guidelines for Underwriter Laboratories' clients include using the appropriate UL mark, refraining from using the UL mark on official company materials, and avoiding the use of the UL mark in close proximity with any marketing statements, explains its website. UL product certification guidelines apply to product packaging, advertising, Web sites, press releases and all promotional information.

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UL requires clients to use the proper certificate identification mark, and also provides specific geographic marks for certified products in other countries, notes its website. UL awards products four different certifications: recognized, performance verified, listed and classified. Clients may not use the UL mark on business cards, signs, websites or domain names because such use might imply blanket certification of all products, or more than a third-party safety or performance certification. UL requires the clear separation of its certifications from any advertising or marketing claims that appear on packaging or promotional material.

Specific UL guidelines govern the use of its four different product certifications, states its website. UL listing means UL has tested product samples and they adhere to UL's standards for safety. UL classification indicates UL has tested specific properties of a product. Products tested against a particular performance model receive UL performance verification. UL component recognition is reserved for materials or parts intended for inclusion in a final product.

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