Who Are Some U.S. Senators From Kansas?

Who Are Some U.S. Senators From Kansas?

Prominent U.S. senators who have represented the state of Kansas include Arthur Capper, Nancy Landon Kassebaum, Bob Dole and Sam Brownback. As of 2015, the two senators representing the state are Republicans Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran. No Democrat has won a U.S senate election in Kansas since 1932.

Capper was the longest-serving senator to ever represent the state of Kansas. He served two terms as governor before making a run for the U.S. senate.

Kassebaum won three senate elections and was the first woman to win a senate seat without her husband being a former member of Congress. She was the daughter of former Republican presidential candidate Alf Landon.

Dole won five senate elections, ran as Gerald Ford's vice presidential running mate in 1976, was a senate majority leader, and ran a losing bid for president as the Republican nominee in 1996.

Brownback won three senate elections before becoming governor of Kansas in 2010. Brownback also ran an unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. presidency in 2008.