What Are Some U.S. Navy Warships?


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Examples of U.S. Navy warships include aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates and submarines. Additional warships in the U.S. Navy include littoral combat ships and amphibious assault ships. Each ship is further categorized into a class that describes its capabilities, such as the Ohio-class nuclear submarine.

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The U.S. Navy describes aircraft carriers as being capable of projecting air power and superiority anywhere on the planet. Amphibious assault ships provide support for ground forces in remote locations due to their ability to deploy U.S. Marines. Cruisers are large multi-mission warships with the ability to engage multiple targets simultaneously. The Navy deploys multi-mission warships in both force support and independent action roles.

Destroyers are quick multi-mission warships commonly deployed in defensive or offensive roles. The Navy uses them both independently and in fleet support roles. Submarines perform underwater operations such as carrying out research and rescue missions. Ohio-class ballistic submarines are capable of carrying and deploying nuclear weapons from stealth positions. Frigates play a special role in naval fleets, protecting other ships and acting in anti-submarine roles. Littoral combat ships are even faster than destroyers, offering focused-mission operation designed for near-shore environments while being capable of operating on the open ocean as well.

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