What Are Some U.S. Navy Symbols and Insignia?


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The official seal of the U.S. Navy is circular with a gold rope design around its outer edge surrounding a royal blue ring containing the words "United States Navy" in gold. The center circle is white overlaid with a light blue chain that circles an eagle holding a golden anchor vertically in its claws. Naval insignias identifying rate or rank have dark blue or gold backgrounds with varying numbers and colors of stripes along with stars, eagles and anchors.

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Insignias for enlisted Navy personnel begin with two and three simple diagonal stripes. Stripes on the regular insignia for seamen are white, while blue stripes indicate a seaman working in construction, and green and red stripes indicate airmen and firemen respectively. As an individual advances to petty officer, the insignias become chevron-shaped with a perched eagle and red v-shaped stripes (one to three as classification increases) at the bottom.

At the rate of chief petty officer, the chevron stripes become gold and include a rocker. A star appears at the top of the insignia for senior chief petty officer, with the master chief petty officer insignia including three gold stars. Petty officers also wear a collar device, which is a gold-fouled anchor with "USN" and one to three stars superimposed in silver over the anchor.

Officer insignias are an upward chevron-shaped patch flanked on the right by a rectangular patch both with horizontal gold bars. The width and number of these gold bars along with the addition of stars denote increasing rank. Beginning with rear admirals, the chevron insignia becomes gold flanked by blue bars with an anchor at the center and one to four stars beneath the anchor.

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