How Do You Get Into the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School?


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Candidates for the Navy Nuclear Power School must be U.S. citizens, must meet the physical standards of the Navy, and must be between 19 and 28 years old, except in special circumstances. They must be at least B-average sophomores at an accredited United States school, be pursuing a degree in mathematics, engineering, physics or another technical area, and have completed one year of calculus and calculus-based physics.

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All students who apply to the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate program go through a rigorous screening process. The first part of the process requires students to answer calculus and physics questions, and may include other questions from topics within the candidate's major. The second part is an interview with the current director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion program, in which the candidate's transcripts and evaluations are reviewed from the technical interviews. The director also assesses the candidate's communication skills, interests and motivations for the program.

The director personally selects all prospective Navy Nuclear Officers. Naval Nuclear Power School is a 24-week course in which instructors provide detailed knowledge of how to work the key aspects of a pressurized-water Navy nuclear power plant. Key aspects include reactor core nuclear principles, heat transfer and fluid systems, plant chemistry and materials, mechanical and electrical systems, and radiological control.

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