What Are Some U.S. Navy Destroyers?


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USS Stockdale and USS Gridley are two destroyers serving the U.S. Navy. Both are Arleigh Burke Class destroyers and are still active as of December 2015.

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Constructed entirely from steel, Arleight Burke Class destroyers feature two layers of steel and 70 metric tons of Kevlar armor that protect the volatile parts of the ship. Some of the weapons the destroyers carry are Raytheon Tomahawk cruise missiles, Boeing Harpoon surface-to-surface missiles and SM-2MR block 4 surface-to-air missiles. The Arleight Burke Class carries electronic countermeasures and support measures that can perform radar warning and jamming.

Four GE LM 2500 gas turbines power the destroyers. Each turbine produces 33,600 horsepower with power turbine speeds of 3,600 rpm.

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