What Are Some U.S. Marine Corps Military Occupational Specialty Fields?


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Marine military occupational specialty fields are diverse, and include Personnel and Administration, Communications, Field Artillery, Linguist, Legal Service, Electronics Maintenance, Ground Ordnance Maintenance and Infantry. Individual MOSs are designated by a four-digit code. There are 38 MOS fields and hundreds of MOSs, as of 2015.

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Like the Army, the Marine Corps jobs are also known as MOSs, but unlike the Army, similar MOSs in the Marines are grouped into "Occupational Fields." Occupational Fields are denoted by number, from "1," referring to Personnel and Administration, all the way up to "80," referring to Miscellaneous Requirement MOSs. Each Occupational Field is then further divided into specific MOSs. Some Occupational Fields, including Logistics, have seven MOSs, while others, such as Supply Administration and Operations, only have four MOSs. Enlisted Marines and Officers can share MOS fields, though they have different MOS designations.

Although popular media might portray all military members as being infantry fighters, the Marine Corps also needs motivated and patriotic Americans for Occupational Fields such as Food Service, Transportation, Music, and Combat Camera.

The United States Marine Corps first activated in 1775. A component of the U.S. Navy since 1834, it shares an intimate relationship with naval forces, working with them on training, transportation and logistics. As of 2010, the USMC was the smallest branch of the U.S. military, with only 194,000 active duty Marines and 40,000 reservists.

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