How Do You Find Your U.S. Citizenship Case Status?

U.S. citizenship case status information is available on by clicking the Check Your Case Status Link near the center of the home page, as the website indicates. The applicant must have his unique 13-character identifier, assigned when an application is submitted, to access case status details.

Applicants can submit a case inquiry if the processing time posted on the website has already passed, advises the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The USCIS is actively working on a case if the applicant received a notice about the case, responded to a request for evidence, or received an online account status update within the preceding 60-day period.

Applicants submitting a case inquiry need the form number and subtype, receipt number and application filing date, notes USCIS. The applicant's name, date of birth and mailing address, and information about the last action taken on the case, are also required.

In addition to checking the status of a U.S. citizenship case, individuals can also sign up for automatic case status updates, notes USCIS. The Case Status Online page provides links for applicants to change an address online, submit a case inquiry and locate a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office. Information about processing times is also available.