Where Are the U.S. Army Bases Located in Germany?


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The U.S. Army currently operates at installations in the following German regions: Ansbach, Bavaria, Benelux, Rheinland-Falz, Stuttgart, Vicenza and Wiesbaden, according to the Army.mil website. Each installation is shared with other components of the Department of Defense.

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The U.S. Army's installations in Germany are managed by the military's Installation Management Command. The IMC provides administrative services for all Department of Defense services.

The US Army's continued presence in Germany began during the second World War in the Spring of 1945. Following the surrender of Nazi Germany, the U.S. Army served as the United States' occupying force during the era of reconstruction following the war. As Germany was demilitarized and divided by the Allies into East and West, the U.S. Army presence changed from an occupying posture to enforce law on the failed state to a defensive posture to provide security for American interests. Germany became one of the largest foreign bases of American soldiers, hosting several powerful military units designed to deter and repel an attack from the ascendant military power of the Soviet Union.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. Army in Germany transitioned from a defensive focus to a supportive one, providing assistance to missions being conducted in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Today, Germany hosts 23,682 US Army uniformed and civilian personnel spread across seven installations.

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